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David Galvez | Producer, NBC Universal Television

David Galvez | Producer, NBC Universal Television

"Creativity and power. That's what I want and what I get from The Audio Planet. Every time, on time."

Nathan Groves | Producer, Retrospec Films

Nathan Groves | Producer, Retrospec Films

"Our workflow is deadline driven and diverse. The Audio Planet delivers beautifully crafted audio, every time."

Rodney Marshall | Producer, American Red Cross

Rodney Marshall | Producer, American Red Cross

"The Audio Planet makes our video's sound bigger and stronger, which makes our stories more effective."


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Sound Design

Music Placement

Dialogue Leveling

And all of this

  • Up to 70 audio tracks
  • Custom sound design 
  • Foley
  • Ambient sound design 
  • Dialogue mixing
  • Dialogue cleaning
  • Dialogue EQ matching
  • Dialogue background noise reduction 
  • Dialogue plosive reduction
  • Dialogue repair
  • Dialogue room reflection matching
  • Music leveling
  • Music mastering
  • Sub mixing
  • Final mixing
  • Final mastering
  • Testing on popular devices

100% money back guarantee

The Audio Planet’s Audio Post Service comes with a 100% money back guarantee…but we don’t stop there. We promise that you and your audience will hear the difference that powerful, clear audio makes in your video.

At any time, if you decide that The Audio Planet has not transformed your audio into a powerful and clear audio mix, just call (323) 304-0825 to speak to our staff and you will receive a full refund. You can also email your request to stephen@theaudioplanet.com.

I take audio very seriously, and you have my personal promise that I will not rest until you are blown away by the sound that our engineers design for your video.
— Stephen Tackett, Founder