Here are some helpful tutorials. If you still get stuck contact us and we can help you. 

Step 1. Export OMF or Stems

For the best results, please provide us with an OMF file. This file gives us access to all sound files individually so we can have full control and create the best sound.

In Final Cut Pro X, exporting an OMF is not as straightforward. As an alternative, some choose to simply solo and mute audio clips into groups called Stems. This will achieve the same result as an OMF. We recommended rendering a selection that includes all dialogue, a selection for all music, and a selection for all sound effects.

Step 2: Export Reference Video

A reference video will give us the visual cues we need to create stunning sound design. Here are our recommended settings. 

Step 3: Upload your project

Fill out our project upload form, pay, and upload your files in just a few simple steps.