Which plan should I choose?


If you have a smaller budget or are self-funded, this is a good place to start. You will get an overall treatment. Your audio will be bigger, crisp and clear. Also, we go in to the Dialogue and level and balance with the music. 

Simple web videos • Facebook ads


If you have uneven dialogue or noisy sections, this will be a good choice. Your dialogue will get noise reduction, leveling and EQ matching. Transitions between various takes and ADR inserts will be more seamless and believable. 

Testimonials • Interviews • Conferences


This is the full deal. It is what we do for national spots, television shows and film. If you want the entire audio treated with maximum precision, this is the best choice.  Recommended for any national commercial, film or television show, every element of your audio will be analyzed, designed and enhanced for maximum impact and emotion. 

Broadcast commercials • High-end web videos •  Corporate videos