Oklahoma City Addy Awards - The Order

This short took place in secret building. Each character has a specific sound design when they appear on screen. This character could not speak so we designed a gumbo soup of backwards whispers and wooshes to create his sound.

Major kudos to the director for creative lighting. Notice the shadow. It almost says, stop, don’t go in there. And that is the sound we created for this outdoor scene. We found some disturbing city noise traffic and loud footstepsand heavy breathing. It gave an uncomfortable feel to the scene.

The drones had a deep monotone pitch that never ended. It runs constantly underneath the entire soundscape. We added a sharply eq’d hall reverb to make the scene cold and metallic.

We wanted this to seem as real as possible. We found the exact same car and recorded the door ajar noise and motor running.  Not an easy task but detail is everything.