The Future Is Here - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Ahh the 80’s. Hard Rock wanted to use a Back To Future theme for this promotion. We were on the actual shoot, which is not something we normally do. However, any time you get a chance to see an outdoor shoot with stunt drivers, fire and loud noises you should go - it is a great experience.  Just be careful to not step on any expensive drones like one of our team almost did. 

The director wanted some pretty intense sound design on this spot. As Marty enters time travel there is fire on the road, spark, a CGI electrical field, smoke truck engine, tires screeching.

The re-entry was another challenging task. You basically have this massive energy beam that is preceded by an electrical distortion. So our team could have done the normal power plant / lighting SFX but we wanted to have an explosivepunch as the truck breaks through. And then there was the smoke and sparks sounds to design as the truck trails away.

Real trucks coming to a sudden stop don’t always sound real. So we muted the real truck and built a souped up version. The motor was from a souped up racing pick-up. The tire screech was from a car accident. Since the location was under a driveway covering near a huge building we needed to expand the size of the entire sound. So we brought out the trusty Sony Oxford Reverb - Cathedral setting and compressed the entire mix