Colorado Mountain School Promo

Mountains. Big. No, really big.

If you have ever go on a mountain it will redefine with meaning of the word.  Try climbing it? You may not live to tell the story. 

So the piece opens with a dramatic quote over pitch black. How do you sound design this scene? We went with a massive boom that you may hear while hiking late at night when an avalanche begins to show the power of a mountain.

Funny story here. The camera zooms in on a guy shaking 2 ropes reaching maybe 100 feet or so onto a ice cliff. So we had to actually find rope and record the sound as we shook it. There were a couple of welts suffered during the process since the best mic placement was near the middle area of the rope.

An ice pic laden boot slamming into a massive sheet of ice. Ok straightforward enough. However, the director cut to super Phantom slo-mo as the boot hits the ice. You see every particle shimmer and fly through the air. Now try to sound design that! Well, this was one of the trickiest parts of this short. We ended up dropping glass particles on cementand for the boot entrance we use a shovel slamming into gravel. Then we brought out the Sony Oxford for the massive color.